Can HCG Injection Improve Sleep During Weight Loss?

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We have all heard that getting 8 hours of sleep is an ideal way to go. In the modern day, sleep is one area that people seriously lack. HCG Diet patients must learn about the importance of sleep. Sleep is as essential as nutrient-rich food, water, and exercise. 

What Is The Importance Of Sleep During Weight Loss?

Getting too little sleep can alter the balance of our hormones. It can lead us to eat more food and gain weight. That’s why getting enough sleep can help you to resist tempting food.

Sleep has a significant impact on our health and quality of life. We need between seven and nine hours of sound sleep every night for our body and brain to rest and recover. Less than that, and our ability to concentrate may suffer, our immune system may weaken, and we end up eating more food and often more unhealthy food than we need to.

One scientific study has shown that short-sleepers, or people who sleep less than seven hours per day, tend to eat 300 more calories than people who get enough sleep. They are drawn to foods with higher levels of saturated fat, like fast food, cheese, and processed meats. Over an extended period, this daily increase is enough to raise the risk of obesity.

How Does HCG Improve Sleep Quality?

While you sleep, your body doesn’t shut down. It’s still working to process the calories you consume during the day. Decreasing caloric intake allows your body to convert fat stores into energy while sleeping. 

There are no specific studies that HCG can help you sleep or boost the levels of melatonin in the body. However, HCG changes how you lose weight. HCG helps the body produce more hormones that researchers think keep us slimmer and help us lose more fat than muscle. It might give you a deeper and more restful sleep at night compared to other diets you’ve tried. So with a better hormone balance, your body will work differently to lose weight. HCG injections, a well-balanced diet, and an exercise plan will help you meet your weight loss goals

Tips To Improve Sleep Quality during HCG Diet

  • Reduce Your Exposure To Blue Light. Blue light is the light emitted from sunlight, light bulbs, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This light sends a signal to our brains to wake up. Refraining from using technology for 2 hours before going to bed is recommended.
  • Try To Darken Your Room As Much As Possible. Using block-out shades or curtains. Sleep masks are also an option.
  • Manage Stress. The primary stress hormone cortisol should be increased in the mornings and taper off during the day into the evening. It gives us the energy needed to get up and start our morning. As it reduces throughout the day, this allows us some time to wind down and, after dark get ready for sleep. Often during chronic stress, this natural rhythm becomes out of whack, and the entire cortisol picture reverses, meaning that cortisol levels are low in the morning and higher at night. It causes people to be wide awake when they usually sleep.
  • Reduce Caffeine. For some people, drinking a cup of coffee later on in the day and be seemingly unaffected by the caffeine during bedtime. For most, however, this isn’t the case, and caffeine becomes too stimulating, keeping you up until all-night hours. If you enjoy your tea/coffee, having your last cup before 2 pm would be best.
  • Don’t Eat Just Before Bed. Our bodies need to rest and digest. Don’t go to bed too full or too hungry. A well-balanced diet such as HCG can assist in this.

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