Diet after Diet

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Diet after Diet

I have struggled with obesity all my life. I was weighing almost 190 pounds when I first visited a weight loss clinic. During that time I was only 21 years old. I would lose weight but the problem is, I easily get bored and tired of dieting and I would give up that easily. And then I always ended gaining all the weight back once I stopped. However, things have changed when I started doing the HCG Diet.

During my first trip to a weight loss clinic, the doctor only told me to do this and that. I only needed to lose weight either by hitting the gym regularly or by doing some low-calorie diet along with taking the weight loss pill he recommended. I remember I was so excited during that time because I have never dieted for the 21 years of my existence. But things weren’t up to my expectations. I was expecting to lose some weight but I’m not. My dieting efforts were not getting anywhere. I wasn’t losing any weight. Doing the low-calorie diet was harder than I thought. I felt so hungry each day that I would end up eating more on my next meal. My brain kept on telling me to go to the kitchen and grab on anything I can just to suffice my hunger.

For years, I have jumped from one diet program to another. I have tried working out until I get exhausted. I realized that working out just made me hungrier. I even tried starvation! Nothing was working for me. Eventually, I got tired of doing diet after diet and let my weight creep up until I ballooned up to almost 250 pounds. That was the time my family got so concerned about my weight and my health that they brought me again to a weight loss clinic with a sore back. After a series of tests, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetic and the reason for my sore back was my weight.

I knew things have gotten out of control the moment I have stepped inside the clinic. I was overweight, have dieted, and still was fat. My metabolism had gone into hibernation and I knew I needed help this time. For 3 months I have ventured back into the dieting world. I was able to lose some, but I was not delighted with how much I lose each month. I want something that would make me lose more than just two or three pounds in a month and that’s when I learned about the HCG Diet.

I have learned about the HCG diet through a series of research on the internet and by watching some weight loss stories on YouTube.  Naturally, as with any dieters, I was skeptical at first. The HCG Diet was new to me. I haven’t heard of such a diet ever since that promises weight loss results in just a very short time. Have I known, I would have done the diet before and not let my weight crept up to almost 250 pounds. The protocols and the weight loss videos sounds too good to be true. Not until I did the diet and became one of the successful weight loss stories to inspire thousands of overweight out there.


Doing the HCG Diet is the best thing that I have ever done in my life. It’s simple and so easy. Simply follow the protocol and stick with it by all means and let the hormone do some magic tricks in those fats that refuse to shed. Believe me or not, I have lost 10 pounds during my first week. After doing the 23 days course, I had lost a total of 29 pounds. Though this one may sound too good to be true, I wasn’t hungry at all and all my cravings are gone.

I successfully completed 3 rounds on the HCG Diet and I have been maintaining my weight now for 2 years. I have lost an average of 28 pounds and my weight is now down to a slimmer 174 pounds. I feel much better, more confident, and happy with my new me. The HCG Diet thought me a lot- from the how’s, what, and when to eat.

I no longer used to be that someone in our neighborhood who refuses to go out because of how I look.  I am no longer the type who refuses to enjoy the turquoise water on the beaches of South Florida with enviable people watching. The picture on my driver’s license which I got six years ago looked different from how I look now. I am so glad I did the HCG Diet.

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Diet after Diet