A Day in the Life of Phase 2 on the HCG Diet

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Phase 2 of the HCG Diet, also known as the Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) phase, is a crucial stage where participants adhere to a strict dietary regimen while using HCG injections or supplements to support weight loss. 

Let’s explore what a typical day looks like during Phase 2 of the HCG Diet, including what’s allowed, what’s not allowed, essential considerations to ensure success, and how the HCG hormone fits into the picture. 

A Typical Day in Phase 2

A typical day in phase 2 of the HCG diet looks like this:

Morning Routine:

1.  Start the day with a glass of water: Hydration is essential, so start your day with a glass of water to jumpstart your metabolism and keep you hydrated throughout the day.

2.  Take your HCG injection: If you’re using HCG injections as part of the protocol, administer your dose according to the prescribed schedule. 

3.  Breakfast: During Phase 2, breakfast typically consists of black coffee or tea without sugar or cream. Some participants may choose to skip breakfast altogether. Others may opt for a small serving of approved fruits, such as strawberries or grapefruit.

Mid-Morning Snack:

1.  Snack options: If hunger strikes between meals, you can enjoy a mid-morning snack consisting of an approved fruit or vegetable, such as an apple or cucumber. Avoid high-calorie snacks or processed foods, sticking to the guidelines of the HCG Diet.


1.  Lean protein: For lunch, choose grilled chicken breast, white fish, or lean beef. Be mindful of portion sizes and avoid cooking methods that increase fat or calories, such as frying.

2.  Vegetables: Serve your protein with a substantial portion of recommended veggies including spinach, lettuce, and asparagus. These non-starchy vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber, so you’ll feel full and satisfied.

3.  Beverage options: Choose water, herbal tea, or black coffee with no extra sugar or cream.

Afternoon Snack:

1.  A light snack: As with the mid-morning snack, choose a light snack option such as a piece of fruit or a serving of raw vegetables to keep hunger at bay until dinner.


1.  Protein and vegetables: Dinner is often similar to lunch, with an emphasis on lean proteins and vegetables. Experiment with different recipes and seasoning combinations to keep meals interesting and satisfying.

2.  Avoid starches and sugars: During Phase 2 of the HCG Diet, you should avoid starchy meals like bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes, as well as sugary snacks and beverages.

3.  Portion control: Pay attention to portion sizes and avoid overeating, even if the food is HCG Diet-approved. The goal is to maintain a calorie deficit while still meeting your nutritional needs.

Evening Routine:

1.  Reflection and relaxation: Set aside time in the evening to reflect on your development and celebrate any accomplishments or milestones. Deep breathing and meditation are two relaxation strategies that might help you reduce stress and sleep better.

2.  Hydration: Drink plenty of water throughout the evening to keep your body hydrated and help its natural detoxifying processes.

NOTE: All meals in phase 2 must be low in fat and calories. This means avoiding high-fat foods like avocados, nuts, and oils, as well as high-calorie foods like bread, pasta, and sweets.

The Role of HCG Injections

During phase 2 of the HCG diet, dieters are also required to take daily HCG injections. These injections help reset the body’s metabolism, making it easier to stick to the very low-calorie diet and achieve rapid weight loss. 

The HCG hormone is also thought to help preserve muscle mass while promoting fat loss, which can help prevent the dreaded “yo-yo” effect that often occurs with other diets.

Phase 2 of the HCG Diet is tough, but if you stick to the plan and stay dedicated, it can be very fulfilling. Just follow a routine each day: drink enough water, take your HCG, eat balanced meals, and control your portions. This way, you can achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall health.

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A Day in the Life of Phase 2 on the HCG Diet