I Have Lost 54.5 Pounds of Body Fats on the HCG Diet

I Have Lost 54.5 Pounds of Body Fats on the HCG Diet

I Have Lost 54.5 Pounds of Body Fats on the HCG Diet

My initial weight is 198. When I took my vital statistic my waistline measures 42 inches. It’s the highest ever!

But what concerns me most is my blood pressure. It keeps on going up and down. I know that I have to do something about it. It’s time for me to make a really big change.

I lost 3 pounds on my first day and I knew that I just lost some water.  I have to keep track of my weight every day and I have to stay on my HCG diet program. And if it worked then I would happily share my secret to success.

My weight loss journey- Week one

I had lost one pound a day at the end of the week and it was so amazing. .

I am now weighing exactly 183 pounds. But I had to admit that after my week one journey I was a bit hungry.  It was really a big challenge for me because — I love eating a lot.

My weight loss journey- Week two

Day 14, I am now weighing 174 pounds though I cheat sometimes….especially when it’s Saturday.  Saturday for me and my kids is pizza day! Who wouldn’t resist the oh so good smell and the tempting cheese toppings!

My weight loss journey- Day 16

I guess I jump up a little in weight so quickly and it makes me sad. Should I stay on my HCG diet program for the course of 45 days or just stop at day 22??

But I decided to stay in the 22 days HCG diet program then go off the plan for about 5 days.

My weight loss journey- Day 22

It was a success. My 22 days HG diet program worked. I lost a total of 18 pounds even though I cheat once in a while. My waistline looks smaller than before. My face looks thinner too.

My weight loss journey- A couple of months later

I continued with my diet program and guess what?? I have lost 54.5 pounds of body fats! I know I can do this…my blood pressure too is getting normal. Thanks to the HCG drops and the HCG weight loss program.

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