Exercise and the 500 Calorie Diet-Part 2

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If you’re new to the program, doing exercise together with HCG diet can be a bit too much. Rather than doing it during your first week on HCG injection wait for about 1-2 weeks. Or until such time that your body is fully adapted to your new calorie intake as well as to your new food restrictions.

  • Acceptable Exercise

Ideal exercise on the HCG diet is something that is less intense like yoga, gentle swimming and walking.  These light exercises will help keep your muscle tone and fit without risking your weight loss.

Yoga, for example, is an excellent HCG diet exercise. It can burn the same percentage of fats as jogging. However, some yoga sessions are intense in form. So stick with the easy and short one and do the exercise for 20-30 minutes every day.

  • Exercise to avoid

If you’re a beginner and want to do some exercise, stick only with light exercises. Refrain from anything that is rigorous. Now may not be the best time to start with a high-intensity cardio considering your increase protein intake.

Intense cardio exercises can increase your heart rate. As a result, your body starts to store calories as fats. Strength training like weight lifting is also not advised on the HCG diet. It builds lean muscle mass that weighs more than fats. This could mislead you as to your weight loss on the scale. Exercising hard with only 500 calorie intake will cause your body to hold on to fats rather than using them up.

  • Major concerns about over-doing exercise on the HCG diet
  1. Hunger

Working out burns calories and you obviously know that for sure. When you burn calories you become hungry. And when you burn too many calories you get too hungry forcing you to eat something that is not listed on the approved HCG food list.  The tendency is you will cheat- and CHEATING while on the protocol can cause a stall on your weight loss.

  1. Fatigue

Being on a very low calorie diet can make you feel weak and tired easily. If you begin to feel tired when doing some exercises, your workout therefore, can be too high in intensity.

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Exercise and the 500 Calorie Diet-Part 2